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Big Baba`s, at its location in Zurich, is a part of the most beautiful day of your wedding, bringing you and your loved ones together with the special tastes of Big Baba`s wedding organisations and contributing to the accumulation of beautiful memories. 


Corporate Events

Big Baba`s adds colour to your business lifewith menus that can be specially prepared for corporate events. We are looking forward to receiving your ideas about how many people you plan to organise and what kind of menu you want by contacting our experienced team. 


social events

We will be honoured to welcome you at Big Baba`s Zurich, a restaurant that attaches importance to these issues in order to take care of the health of your guests in the organisations you will organise, to provide them with quality, hygienic and delicious food presentations. Our expert staff, who have been in the catering industry for many years, have adopted the principle of quality production and reasonable prices. If you contact us for an organisation you will organise, you can be sure that we will make every effort to satisfy your guests by determining the menu suitable for your concept.


Birthday Party

This is your most special day and we are happy to accompany you on this special day. Your special menu, your special songs, your special tables are waiting for you. because today you are special. 

The only thing you need to do, 
Contact our experienced team and share how many people you plan to organise and what kind of menu you want.

Book an Appointment

we are waiting impatiently to share with you all the privileges we offer you on your special days and to hear your wishes.

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